Gift Of Walking

The project's mission contains two important messages that my team and I want to bring to Canadians and even to everyone worldwide. With the support of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Quebec and Help Ukraine Committee - Montreal

With the support of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Quebec
And Help Ukraine Committee – Montreal

The first message

First of all, disabled people can be strong and well educated. They can bring a lot of benefits to any country. We do not want people around us to notice only our limitations but abilities. We want to be valuable members of society and live a whole life.

The second message

This project’s second and most important message is that the war in Ukraine has not stopped. And it destroys not only buildings and airports but also innocent citizens’ lives. People who just yesterday were healthy today became disabled. I, like nobody else, know how difficult it is to live when your arms or legs do not work correctly, even if you live in a developed country like Canada. The project aims to help people who lost limb(s) due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine; to help people in hospitals who need our assistance to adapt to their new circumstances.

Oleksandr Kyyanytsya
The president of Gift Of Walking

Here you can apply for financial support for treatment, prostheses or rehabilitation.

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