Gift Of Walking

Charity Walk

Support Oleks Kyya’s 200 km charity walk from Montreal to Ottawa to raise funds for Ukrainian children’s hospitals, which treat children injured and amputated as a result of the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Your help is a chance for children to regain the joy of mobility and allows them to continue their civilian lives.

With the support of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Quebec
And Help Ukraine Committee. Montreal

Starts July 16, 2022


Start of
the walk

The walk starts on July 16 at 10 am in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, Quebec, Canada J0N 1P0. Spread the word about this event online and among your friends. It will help to involve as many people as possible in the fundraiser and help to buy prosthetics for Ukrainian children with disabilities, citizens and the military.

I will succeed

Find us on the map
In the real-time

I will travel 200 km from Montreal to Ottawa and do the impossible for the innocent victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine. I sincerely believe in your support. I thank everyone for their help in organizing the entire process of this event. The map will show all the places we have already passed. I will be happy to meet you on the transition road.

Do Everything In Our Power